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“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
by Vince Ansel


The RidersUSA organization will be sponsoring as its monthly ride for April 2019, a ride to the international border between the United States and Mexico. The theme of this ride, the “Border Wall Appreciation Ride”, is designed to underscore the deep appreciation we have in continued efforts to secure the Safety and Sovereignty of our nation. The ongoing construction of a Wall across our full southern border (where practical) must be completed at any cost. The vast majority of Americans are on board with a policy to secure our Borders, a concept that is simple, basic common sense. The media has not and will not do its job in reporting the progress being made regarding measures being taken by our President in securing our Borders. It apparently will take the efforts of citizen organizations like RidersUSA to relay this message to the people. The determination of our President to make us safe from the foreign invasion happening before our very eyes is inspirational. Together, we will get this done!

RidersUSA does not officially support any political party or candidate. However, we must give credit where credit is due. President Trump has been a crusader on Border Security, and we thank him wholeheartedly for leading this effort. As crazy as it may be, there are partisan politicians and Americans who vehemently oppose any measures to insure the safety of our nation and its citizenry. The political agenda behind this anti-Americanism is suicidal and the subject of another conversation. The undermining of a Border Wall is symbolic of this resistance. For whatever their reasoning the result is predictable……the total annihilation of our national identity and its unique culture enjoyed for nearly 250 years. The “Border Wall Appreciation Ride” will be “live fed” on social media on April 13, 2019 as a way to counter the negative press and underreporting of a compromised media. They do the bidding of entities determined to destroy our Constitutional Republic. Thousands will be informed as they watch real progress being made through the eyes and lenses of RidersUSA members documenting new Border Wall construction taking place in southwestern Arizona. Despite rabid attempts by the Democratic Party, some Republicans and media lap dogs in cahoots with criminal enterprise to weaken our Borders, major headway is still being made regardless of their efforts!

Through RidersUSA, the revealing of actual Border Wall under construction should be an encouragement to all Americans! President Trump’s agenda in keeping America safe and secure, needs help from all citizens who love their country! Patriot organizations and individuals should ramp up efforts in supporting the President in securing our Sovereignty! The assault on American Borders by foreign nationals is an affront to our Constitution, an insult to our dignity and a very real danger to future generations. Make no mistake about it! This is a modern-day classic battle of “Good versus Evil” unfolding before our very eyes. This is not a time for complacency! Get out and fight for your children, grandchildren and country!      


Vince Ansel from Phoenix, Arizona joined RidersUSA in 2010. He is Politically Conservative, a Military Combat Vet, Husband, Father and Grandpa. Being relentless in preserving traditional values and our God given Constitutional Rights is core to his values. He accepts life's many challenges with grace, dignity and determination. Rides a 2005 Harley Davidson Fatboy.

April, 2019



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