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“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
by Vince Ansel

           “Why You Should Vote For Proposition 105

The following article is directed more towards City of Phoenix voters. However, the results of the upcoming City of Phoenix “Special Election” will affect every Arizonan to some degree or another both monetarily and politically.

There has been a consistent problem with the City of Phoenix in holding “Special Elections” on the last week of August annually. These inconvenient elections are purposefully scheduled at this time because only a small percentage of Phoenix voters participate. Many are on vacation and engaged in other summer activities. The majority of those who appear to be engaged are hardcore leftist voters and activists who apparently never leave City boundaries and are determined to make life miserable for the rest of us in getting measures passed during the summer doldrums.

Attempts have been made to move these “special elections” to coincide with our traditional November 4 elections when a more diverse array of voters is available. It certainly makes sense to combine two election days into one day. It saves the taxpayers a boatload of money and allows for voters with opposing points of view to cast their vote. Liberal City of Phoenix officials resist this “common sense” approach because it is simply easier to pass leftist agenda items in August than it is to do so in the November General Elections. This is how another proposition (prop 104) got passed on August 25, 2015. It allowed for the additional taxation of nearly 32 billion dollars over the next 31 years to be imposed upon taxpayers in funding the expansion of the debacle known as “Light Rail”. This “Social Experiment” has been shown to be an abject failure. Studies show that approximately 1% of Phoenix residents use this antiquated system of moving people at a cost of nearly $130 million dollars per mile of track. For $32 billion dollars, every family in Phoenix could be allocated a new car with funds left over for substantial road improvements!

A resolve to this “faux pas” (blunder) has been introduced in another ballot initiative to be voted upon on August 27, 2019. It is Proposition 105. If passed it will halt construction of any further expansion of Light Rail and the monies slated for that expansion will go directly into road infrastructure improvements. It would be wonderful to see our streets and highways widened, potholes repaired, bus pullouts constructed at a more vibrant pace with expanded routes for a new state of the art bus fleet!

We need to stop “throwing good money after bad” and pursue more “realistic” goals in improving our society. Phoenix has and will always be an “automobile appropriate” area. Light Rail is an idealistic concept with little to no practical application. This “special election” is important. We can’t blow this one off! Please mail in your early voting ballots, cast your vote at early voting locations or show up at your local polling place and please vote a resounding “YES” on Proposition 105!!!

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Vince Ansel from Phoenix, Arizona joined RidersUSA in 2010. He is Politically Conservative, a Military Combat Vet, Husband, Father and Grandpa. Being relentless in preserving traditional values and our God given Constitutional Rights is core to his values. He accepts life's many challenges with grace, dignity and determination. Rides a 2005 Harley Davidson Fatboy.

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