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“As Smooth Sees It”
by Keith Lefebvre

“Bear Paw Scout Camp Devastated

This past July, a line of storms moved across Northeast Wisconsin with winds up to 105 mph. Hundreds of trees were ripped from the ground or sheared off. My visit to Bear Paw Scout Camp today was sobering, the pictures I had seen yesterday do not do the devastation justice. While the electricity has not been restored in true Scout spirit, summer camp has continued. 60-foot trees snapped like toothpicks and pulled out by their roots, trees on buildings and cars. There were NO INJURIES to Scouts or leaders. The damage to this place that I love makes me want to cry but once again our Scouting family has amazed me! The countless number of volunteers onsite helping to clean up so we can open again and trudging through brush and mud in the heat and sun to fix this beautiful place, all with smiles on their faces gives me hope that we can get up and running again soon. In seeing all the damage, I am amazed and grateful for our incredible camp staff who helped dozens and dozens of campers weather this powerful storm without injury and who got them all out of camp safely. Now I'm off to Gardner Dam with hope that we can restore power to our Bear Paw Boy Scout Camp. It will take years to recover from the loss of trees, and many hours of service and volunteering. But we're going to get it done!

If you can help Keith and the Troop out, donations to be used on the rebuilding of camp can be sent to:

Troop 1024

C/O Keith Lefevbre

363 S Adams St

Oconto Falls WI  54154

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Keith Lefebvre  from  Oconto Falls, Wisconsin has been a RidersUSA member since 2007. He is a  Father, Husband, Mentor to youth and men, a Student of life, Speaker of truth, and a Lover of Liberty. Keith is a US Air Force Veteran and a NRA Certified Shooting Instructor. He rides a 1977 Electra Glide and a 120 horse 2001 Electra Glide

August, 2019



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