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Communications to the Maricopa Country Board of Supervisors in regards to their meetings:

Mr. Chairman and the Board,

My name is Vince Ansel and I represent an organization called Riders United for a Sovereign America. All of our members are Middle Class working Americans, who vote, are politically active and who are primarily interested in protecting and providing for our families. Many are Military Veterans who have served our country proudly and continue to adhere to the oath that "I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic". We take this oath as seriously today as we did when we were first pressed into service.
At this very moment there is an ideology running amok in this country masquerading as American that is determined to reshape our Constitution and those Traditions that have propelled this nation to it's greatness. This ideology is an integral part of the La Raza studies program which in a nut shell preaches racial hatred and insurrection to young impressionable minds against the very nation who protects and nurtures them. It is a destroyer of Freedom and Liberty.
Locally and in Maricopa County, there is a concerted effort to target those public officials, who dare to produce or enforce legislation that will discourage Illegal Immigration! This agenda consists of numerous harassing calls for resignation, a recall petition strategy, lawsuits and other methods intended to intimidate, and to foment chaos. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has also been targeted by this group to provide them with a public forum in order to spread their form of racism and anarchy. Do not be fooled, coerced or intimidated into cooperating with these Berkeley trained Saul Alinsky "Community Organizers".
"We the people" petition this body to prohibit Maricopa County resources to be manipulated in such a manner as to provide a platform in spreading their anti-American venom...........Thank you!!

Mr. Chairman and the Board,

My name is Tim Rafferty, I live in Tempe and I am a constituent of Supervisor Brock. I am also President of RidersUSA, a non-profit that works on issues affecting the sovereignty of the United States. We are also based here in the Maricopa County. I wanted to say thank you to the Board, and your staff, as the atmosphere we witnessed last week at your place of work over a 2 day period, was certainly conducive of openness and the willingness to listen. Even though we disagreed on some issues, we were able to have a calm sensible conversation on topics that are so important not only to Maricopa County but for all of the US. And that is how we communicate in this Country.  Civility at the forefront. We did not walk into your place of work and threaten you, or give you ultimatums.  Why, because you listen to your constituents when they follow protocol and treat you with respect. So I am here to respectfully request that any validity you might give to some groups requests, be met with caution. Some groups have an Ideology of Communism and Marxism, and their political position is Social Economics & Revolutionary Socialism.  Their motives are at best, questionable. In America we do not subscribe to Communism, and I implore upon you, to give those with a Communist and Socialist agenda, as little credence as possible. In closing let me also say, we were very delighted to hear that the Board, the MCSO and the County Attorney’s Office have improved their working relationships so much. We hope the relationship between the three groups will continue to move forward in the spirit of cooperation.  We look forward to the chairman and the Board’s  continued support of the MCSO.

Thank you

The Honorable Max Wilson

Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

301 W. Jefferson Street, 10th Floor

Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Dear Chairman Wilson,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with Vince Ansel and myself last week regarding the challenges faced by the Supervisor’s at recent meetings. I am specifically referring to the past two Formal meetings held in January 2012 as well as the special meeting of 1/31/2012 upon which complaints lodged against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) were voiced.

We enjoyed meeting with you and Scott. I’m glad we had the opportunity to discuss an issue that affects so many people in Maricopa County. We especially appreciate your commitment to providing the public a forum in which you and the County Supervisors can interact and communicate with the public.

RidersUSA believes that it is imperative for the Board, the MCSO and the County Attorney’s office to work together to ensure the highest possible quality of life for our community. As we had discussed, we feel that MCSO is being targeted by those entities who feel that enforcing our immigration laws are contrary to their particular political agenda. It is nothing more or nothing less than they attempting to impose an ideology whose very survival is dependent upon fomenting chaos and confusion by disruptive behavior, bullying and other tactics. Their cries of discrimination, racism, etc. are nothing more than tools used in order to further their cause and are devoid of any substance.

Our organization greatly appreciates your support for the MCSO and believes that it is imperative for Maricopa County to continue its part in the fight against Illegal Immigration. On behalf of all of our members and the thousands of citizens they represent, I want to thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to discuss this important matter.


Tim Rafferty

Riders United for A Sovereign America, President



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