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We are pleased to announce our tour guides for our BORDER RIDE on March 31st 2012

  • Tom C. (Trainer), was an original Minuteman (Minutemen Civil Defense Corps – MCDC) at the inception of the MCDC in Tombstone Arizona in 2005. Trainer was the New Recruit Training Officer for border operation volunteers, and also provided training for various aspects of the specialized Search and Rescue Teams operating in the Arizona border regions. He later served as the Chapter President of the Phoenix Chapter of MCDC and was active in Phoenix “Urban Ops” rallies, demonstrations and recruiting efforts valley-wide.
  • Mike V. (Road Runner) served as a Line-Leader Supervisor at numerous Post Observation Missions in Arizona. Road Runner later served as the Regional Manager of MCDC’s chapters in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. He reported to the President of MCDC.
  • Peter L. (Aragon) was MCDC’s Search and Rescue Special Ops Team Leader & Director. Aragon was responsible for recruiting, vetting, training and deploying Search and Rescue Team volunteers. He personally participated in and / or oversaw numerous scouting missions throughout Arizona’s border regions. Some of these areas were places only the bold would dare go.
  • Rich M. (Sheepdog) has spent considerable time along the border with the Cochise County Militia (CCM) assisting the Border Patrol with the apprehension of illegal aliens and drug smugglers . The CCM also set cameras to document illegal activities and cleaned up lay-up areas and highways littered with trash . In addition to scouting ops, Sheepdog along with Jay (Sporty) Schonert (Rest in Peace) provided security for a Swiss Television unit documenting the work of the CCM. Switzerland is one of the countries with modern day militias and a requirement for all militia members to keep their weapons in their home.

It is our guides hope to show RidersUSA members, family and friends the places in our own back yard where BORDER problems endanger Americans. And we do this on motorcycles! Don’t miss it. 31 March 2011. All paved roads and plenty of gas stops.

For an interactive map,full line of stops and FREE registration, go to Border Tour



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