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 RidersUSA 6th Annual Memorial Day Rally Theme: "Flags For Our Fallen"!
     Another year has gone by to mark this Memorial Day, May 28, 2012. Our finest and bravest have once again, made the ultimate sacrifice in insuring that Liberty and Freedom continue to reign in the greatest country this world has ever known! More of our brothers, sisters, fathers and even young mothers have fallen and given their life's blood in service to our country. This is what the RidersUSA "Flags for Our Fallen" Event is all about! It is a tribute to those real American "heroes" who have fought for our nation in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other conflicts and countries, who are with us in spirit.
      It goes without saying that we also honor and give tribute to those who have and are serving who have seen and confronted the evil in this world and have lived to tell about it. It is through them that their message can finally be understood that it is our Patriotic duty to pass on their experiences to ensuing generations that history cannot be allowed to repeat itself. Confronting evil and tyranny long before it is allowed to grow and fester is to benefit from those experiences and save lives. We ignore those signals at our own peril!
      I am proud to have stood next to fellow Veterans and non-Veterans alike who woke in the wee hours of Monday morning, to line up their 200 spit-shined Motorcycles next to 160 American Flags, flapping in the morning breeze that stood as an honor guard along Cave Creek Road for over 1/2 mile leading to the entrance of the Phoenix National Memorial Cemetery on Pinnacle Peak Road. Bikers from a number of organizations stood as one unit as they saluted or waved to those drivers and passengers on their way to visit with loved ones interred in the Cemetery or to attend the ceremony honoring those heroes who had passed on. Others held signs that read, "We will Never Forget", "God Bless Our Vets" or "Thank You Vets".
       A squadron of Bi-Planes flew overhead against a bright blue sky to suddenly break into a "missing man" formation. The Red, White and Blue was everywhere. The camaraderie among both Veteran's and non-Veterans alike was apparent everywhere you looked. It was a fine day to be an American! See the news clip below.
                                                                                                                            Vince Ansel

6th. Annual

Memorial Day Rally
Phoenix National Memorial Cemetery
May 28th 2012
6:30 - 8:00AM
FREE event pins and signs for all

Over 150 American Flags and 150 Motorcycles paying tribute in
'Flags for Our Fallen'
Park your bike as directed on the east side of the road.
Click on below link for directions.
Cave Creek Rd. & Pinnacle Peak Road




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