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2013 Flags on the Border

If you belong to RidersUSA, your group goes to the border usually 2-3 times a year. If you haven't made it yet, you need to join us on our next venture down south.

Once again, RidersUSA members participated in American Border Patrol's annual event of preparing the border fence for the 4th of July. While it was 118 in Phoenix, down south on the border, in Hereford Arizona, it was all of 103 degrees. Pretty cool this time of the year for the southern region of the state.
Patriots came from North Carolina, Texas, California, Switzerland and Arizona to see "the fence" and tour APB's operations.

     Glen Spenser of American Border Patrol, Hereford Arizona

     Activities included:
  • Tour of the 11 acre facility
  • Border security systems demonstrations,
  • 4.5 mile ride along the REAL border fence between the Huachuca Mountain range and the San Pedro River.
  • Meeting with Sue Krantz, who's husband was killed by an illegal alien crossing their ranch
  • Fly over by ABP's Glen Spencer
  • Meeting with U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the San Pedro river crossing.
  • Viewing of the Stolen Lives Quilt
  • Plenty of BBQ, burgers, brats, and all the cold beverages one could ask for.

American Border Patrol's Facility with Mexico's mountains in the background

We were the first group of United States citizens (other than the APB group) to see a unbelievable demonstration of border security technology. Here is what we watched before our own eyes.
4 sensors were buried at 200 ' intervals, out to a distance of 600' from home base where a unmanned 6 wing drone was sitting on a concrete pad. This drone was NOT one of the units our Border Patrol uses at a cost of $18 million and about $2000/hr. to operate. No, the drone we were going to watch was only about 24" wide and 10" tall. Cost for this unit is about $4000, and $0 to operate. Everything we witnessed was done by a computer programed chip installed in the drone with a camera.
The sensors in the ground detect vibration but what is unique, is that it they also delineate between aircraft, humans, vehicle, animals, etc.
Demonstration 1: An ultralight aircraft similar to the ones used to transport drugs across the border, traveled into Mexico and then turned back towards the United States. As the aircraft passed over the first sensor, an alarm went off. This very loud alarm, went off at all sensor locations as the aircraft flew over them. During this demonstration, no drone was launched .
Demonstration 2: 3 people (simulating illegal aliens) were positioned 700 feet from home base. As they approached the 600' sensor, the alarm, which had a very different sound than when signalling an aircraft, went off. Simultaneously, back at home base, a drone took off and flew to the 600' sensor. Upon arrival, the drone circled the area and took pictures. It then returned to home base and landed safely after a brief battle with a large gust of wind. The illegal alien actors (who we were listening to on radios) at one point said, "help, we are being attacked by a 3' mosquito". All of this of course was captured by the camera on the drone.
$18M vs $4K. Just saying...................

Nine, of the many "Stolen Lives Quilt" panels on display at the event.

Traveling along the border, we encountered one brave soul walking the fence.

"The Border is more secure now than ever."



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