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A Final Resting Place, with Honors

 by ‘‘Attila the Hun”


On October 8, 2013, RidersUSA joined others as thirty-six unclaimed cremated remains of U.S. veterans were interred in Phoenix National Memorial Cemetery.  Remains of these honorably discharged veterans were sitting inside the Messinger Mortuary in Scottsdale for decades. The veterans received full military honors before their interment. These soldiers fought in World War I and II, Korea, and Vietnam. Funeral ceremony was organized by Missing in America Project (MIAP). Riders USA was represented by Buffalo, Rusty, Barbara, and Attila. In order to identify and inter the unclaimed remains of forgotten veterans, MIAP had begun a nation-wide effort in 2006 to locate them and provide proper burial with full military honor for those who were called and served this country until death. These forgotten veterans need us. They need America to step forward and guarantee that they are appropriately buried with honor. We have to show these fallen heroes thanks for their service. We would not have the freedom without them.

May God bless their souls.  



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