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This is the argument that RidersUSA filed
with the State of Arizona that will be included
in the Ballot information mailed to the voters of Arizona.

If previous ballot measures are indicators, the majority of Arizonans believe that the state needs to "Stop Illegal Hiring." If truth in packaging were applicable here, this legislation would be called "Employer Amnesty." This legislation removes two key provisions of the existing Employer Sanction's Law strong provisions which had the agreement of the legislature and Governor. The first essential element that is removed is the mandate that all businesses use the highly effective, user-friendly federal E-Verify system. E-Verify assures that only legal workers can gain employment in Arizona and has a provision for correcting errors. "Stop Illegal Hiring" offers the less-stringent federal guidelines presently in force as a substitute for E-Verify and relies on documents that have been easily forged and have been found counterfeited on Phoenix streets. The second element this proposition removes is the acceptance of anonymous tips regarding the hiring of illegal workers. Police departments have long recognized the effectiveness of Silent Witness Programs reporting crime. Removing these two key provisions from the current law will permit employers to hire illegal workers and stop vital information regarding illegal activity from being gathered. Hiring illegal workers takes jobs away from legal workers, lowers the prevailing wages, and flies in the face of law and order. Vote NO on PROP 202.

Tim Rafferty, President,RidersUSA, Corp., Tempe

Richard Martin, Vice President, RidersUSA, Corp., Tempe

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