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PROP. 202 Defeated

RidersUSA’s Board of Directors

Log Over 4300 Miles

RidersUSA Board of Directors, logged over 4300 miles in helping Arizona defeat Propsition 202. From Flagstaff to Sierra Vista, Kingman to Window Rock, the directors delivered the opposition arguments in twenty Townhall meetings.

In addition, RidersUSA members participated in Rallies, Internet Campaigning, and demonstrations at public events.  The group walked malls  wearing t-shirts that said "Vote NO on 202 - Ask Me Why."   They appeared at auto shows and other activities to educate the public about this deceitful proposition . RidersUSA members appeared on Public Radio, talk shows, conducted newspaper interviews, and sponsored radio ads to defeat the proposition.

RidersUSA Board of Directors and members want to express their thanks to Team America, ALIPAC, NumbersUSA and FAIR.  These organizations have worked together in this defining moment in Arizona’s history.  The state is a leader in addressing illegal immigration  and defending the our country’s sovereignty.  Our success could not have been accomplished without their support and encouragement.

A coalition of businesses put in nearly a million dollars behind this proposition in order to hire cheap illegal labor. With boots on the ground and the solid support of patriotic, legal Arizonans, BIG BUSINESS wanting cheap illegal labor was defeated. 

Congratulations to all for a job well done!

The Board of Directors will be analyzing this past campaign to determine the best way to utilize our resources to preserve the nation's Sovereignty.

We want to leave the country a better place than we found it.

We welcome your support.



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