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Keeping Ramos and Compean's situation alive.

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in the event Saturday. All things considered, weather plus 6 other rides, we accomplished our goals. Everyone seemed to have a great time, (I know I did) and everyone made it safely. The main objective of reminding people these men and their families are still suffering was achieved. The fact we had over 100 bikes all riding together was impressive. A special thanks goes out to the road guards. Good job guys!

Now the focus of RAIA will be exclusively on seeing justice is served for Buck. I know we can count on all of our members and supporters to see this is done. I will see all of you on the 24th. Lets keep the pressure on, and do everything we can to support the kids!

Jimbo of RAIA

Two ride clips below

See a music/slide show clips of the event  Here



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