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What: We rally to support the "Rule of Law"

Date: Saturday February 28th.

Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 PM

Location: 100 W. Washington St.

                            State/City: Phoenix Arizona


  • Arizona's 287(g) program is working as intended.
  • Parents who come to the US illegally are RESPONSIBLE for breaking up their family when they are caught and deported. They can take their children back with them if they chose.
  • NO federal investigation was initiated after Phoenix mayor Phil Gorden filed a complaint against Sheriff Joe Arpaio in 2008
  • DHS's 287(g) program is one of the most successful parts of the United States immigration laws.
  • Sheriff Joe Arpaio has not violated the 287(g) agreement.
  • Not a single firsthand complaint involving ICE-trained officers in Arizona has been filed with the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General or any other investigative agency.
  • Some legal immigrants have been detained under the 287(g)program, but in every case, ICE determined they weren't carrying their green cards as required.
  • The law is clear. People who enter this country illegally or overstay their visit, must return to their country of origin.


Why some will March against the "Rule of Law"

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Action appeal



There is no NEW news! It's he same old song and dance. We have a group called NDLON that is gathering people from many states to come to Arizona and protest because we have a Sheriff that is doing something about illegal immigration. This group also wants the United States of America to stop  all 287(g) programs which  we all know works in  fighting illegal immigration.  These protests will not go unchecked and we will show support for our Sheriff, and the 287(g) program with our rally at the Sheriffs Office. Come join us for a peaceful rally to show Joe and Janet we support their approval of the program and request it be enhanced upon.

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