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Erfle Oct 14 023.jpg

Ride Registration

Erfle Oct 14 005.jpg

Governor Candidate Don Goldwater

Erfle Oct 14 017.jpg

Prize Winner

Erfle Oct 14 022.jpg

Thanks to Buffalo and Connie


Paul Yaffe & Barry's better half Mrs. C.


Which one do I choose???

Erfle 10142007 001.jpg

Thanks!! Bikers Bay

Erfle 10142007 009.jpg

Riders Mob Barb's Truck at Bikers Bay

Erfle Oct 14 024.jpg

Bikes Waiting for the Start

Erfle Oct 14 033.jpg

Riders at Hideaway Grill

Erfle Oct 14 035.jpg

This is called a nostril shot!! 

Erfle 10142007 013.jpg

Rich and Buffalo at Buddy Stubbs HD

Erfle Oct 14 074.jpg

Final Stop at the Steel Horse

Erfle Oct 14 075.jpg

Barb and Lou Check You Off

Erfle Oct 14 040.jpg

Rusty (with broken hoof) shows his support from SUV

Erfle Oct 14 076.jpg

Bikes at Steel Horse

Erfle Oct 14 068.jpg

Iced Tea for these guys!

Erfle Oct 14 063.jpg

Thanks for your support Biker Dave

Erfle Oct 14 062.jpg

She won so much, she was giving tickets away.

Erfle 10142007 020.jpg

Valerie and a another winner!

Erfle 10142007 017.jpg

Rich, That is just what you need

Erfle Oct 14 052.jpg

Great Faces at the Steel Horse

Thanks for your support!!



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