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Ramos & Compean Benefit 

Palace Station - Las Vegas, NV

January 19, 2008

On the way back to Phoenix, a driver who damn
neared killed us and a couple of other cars, was finally pulled over by
Johnny Law Man. Due to him not being able to pass a sobriety test,
the zip ties were put on his hands and he received a free ride in the
back seat of the patrol car.


After flagging down the patrol car, we stopped to give our statement to the officers. As Buck is demonstrating, "another one taken off the road"

arlen ness.jpg
Of course, a stop at one of the best builders while we're in Las Vegas.

benefit group.jpg
A great turn out for a worthy cause.

buck monica.jpg

Buck finds Monica as she arrived Friday night, or maybe this is Saturday morning!

free hugs 2.jpg

Fremont Street Hugs

jim monica.jpg

Jim & Chris

monica, rus, buc, rhonda.jpg

Rhonda, Buck and Rusty

Rhonda & Boys.jpg

Nacho's 3 sons.

rhonda rich.jpg

Tucson and San Diego very nicely represented. Thanks Rich and Rhonda

Rich Rusty.jpg

Taking a rest in the Red Rock Canyon

salena bobber1.jpg

Yes it fits!

salena monica.jpg

Salena & Monica

sat ride.jpg

Beautiful riding day Saturday before the event.

sunglasses 2.jpg

4 Strangers?


Thank you Ted for sponsoring the event along with Operation Generation.

ted buck.jpg

Buck finishing the Pledge with Ted



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