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Official April Ride & Tour of the Titan Missile Museum

  • 08 Apr 2023
  • 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
  • 1580 W Duval Mine Rd. Green Valley, AZ


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Come Join us on a Day trip to the TITAN MISSILE MUSEUM in Green Valley. Map to Museum
The site was designated a National Historic Landmark in April of 1994, in recognition of the important role that Titan II played in American history. There are fewer than 3,000 historic places in the United States that bear this national distinction, and this status is rarely conferred on sites that are less than 50 years old. Launch complex 571-7 was just 31 years old when it achieved its landmark status. It is further distinguished by the fact that it is one of only two ICBM sites in the entire world that have been preserved for the benefit of the public.

We will go underground and back in time on the 45-minute guided tour. Descend 35 feet into the missile complex, visit the launch control center, and experience a simulated launch of the missile. Then you’ll journey down the cableway to level 2 of the missile silo to get an up-close look at the Titan II missile itself. This tour lets you experience Cold War paranoia and American ingenuity while walking in the footsteps of the brave men and women who operated America’s largest land-based missile ever deployed.

30 people max per tour but the tours are every 30 minutes, the cost is $16.50 for each

Please go to and make a donation for $16.50 (+ if you can aford it), this way RidersUSA can pre-Pay for the Tickets and we all can all go on the same tour.
Or you can just go to the TITAN MISSILE MUSEUM web site and buy your own if you wish, but I'm not sure what time we are scheduled for our Tour.

Bring your Family, Drive you Car/Truck if you want. If we have more than 30 People we can split into different tour groups.

122 miles from the IHop about 2 hour drive

FOOD: Manuel”s Mexican Restaurant
5 Stars. 6 minutes from the Museum
121W. Duval Rd.
Green Valley, AZ 85614

Shell 2 minutes from the the Mex restaurant.
1051 W. Beta St.
Green Valley, AZ 85614

Gas Station is only a few miles down the Street ](

Meet up @
Meet at I HOP at 9:30 - KSU at 9:45 -
Go early if you want to have Breakfast together

5020 E Ray Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85044

After the Tour we can all go to an Restaurant (Manuel’s Mex Restaurant)



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