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Riders USA thanks the following for their service
and their names will be flying on flags
that are being used in the
2022 Memorial Day Rally
at the Phoenix National Memorial Cemetery

May 30, 2022

If you would like to sponsor flags for 2023, click here.

All who served*

Robert Tienken, Navy*

Cliff Tienken, Navy*

Brad Mace, Marines

Brad Mace, Marines

Russell Hunter, TSGT Airforce

Russell Hunter, TSGT Airforce

All Who Never Came Home*

Richard Solomon

Esther Solomon

Mark Atkinson, Marines

Jason "Piper" Muzzle, USMC 

Frank Rigo

David Doran

David Doran

All Wars, All Lost Lives*

Tommy F. Kolpin

Diana Denny, AirForce


William Ide, AirForce

John Ide, Navy

Mark Banha

Mark Banha

Dennis Raducha, Navy

Victor Dawson, USN

Joseph D. Alomar, USN

Thomas L. Campoli ,WWII veteran

Charles R. Lathrum, USN, Korean Conflict

William W Clary Army WWII

Thomas C Clary 21st VA CSA

Thomas H Clary 21st VA CSA

Benjamin F Faris 44th VA CSA

George W Faris 18th ART VA CSA

James S Faris Hvy ART VA CSA

William M Moore Hvy ART VA CSA

Augustus M Moore Hvy ART VA CSA

Jesse G Moore 12th VA CSA

Ed Pearce, Navy/Coast Guard

Charles Rafferty, Army WWII

Juan B. Cruz, III,  Navy

Juan B. Cruz Jr., Army

William Holahan   Navy

Gordon Van Dyke US Navy

Thomas A Cooney Captain / Pilot WWII USAF 1942 – 1945

Kenny John Schall

Michael J Wich, USAF

Thomas J Wich, USAF

Lawrence E Wich. USN

Harry L Milstead Army

Cornelius Owen Williams Army

Barry Bisdorf USAF

Louis Paul Gurtner Navy

Leonard Joseph Shafton Navy

Thomas Kilfoyle

John Kilfoyle

Richard Kilfoyle

Raymond Kilfoyle

Robert Kilfoyle

Thomas Kilfoyle

Richard Zummo

Patrick Zummo

Peter Xepolitas

William La Pierre, SR

William La Pierre, SR

Joseph Addis

Maynard D. Holmgaard, US Navy. WWII 

Bobby Davis, US Army KIA Vietnam War

 Delton D. Davis, US Army. WWII 

William Haddix USMC KIA Iwo Jima

All who served. ****

Joseph A Handy- US Army and



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