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  1. RidersUSA members realize that their actions reflect on public opinion of the Corporation and will conduct themselves in a way to keep that opinion positive.
  2. RidersUSA members will not participate in any racist activities and will not discriminate on the basis of skin color.
  3. RidersUSA members are expected to demonstrate a high level of personal commitment: they do not just join, they belong,
  4. RidersUSA members know that common courtesy and respect for all will leave a good impression of you, your Corporation and motorcyclists in general.
  5. RidersUSA members will maintain situational awareness and defend each other.
  6. RidersUSA members will always show respect to other organizations. 
  7. RidersUSA members will never harass, taunt or intimidate others.
  8. RidersUSA members understand that if they violate the code of conduct, they are subject to be counseled for their own good and for that of the Corporation
  9. RidersUSA members know that the goal is to be admired and respected by the general public rather than feared.  
  10. RidersUSA members will refer strangers asking questions about the Corporation to one of the directors.
  11. RidersUSA members will never give out a member’s phone number, address, or any personal information to anyone outside RidersUSA without that person’s permission.
  12. RidersUSA members are aware of the behavior and attitude of other members at events. If necessary, they take action to avoid problems before they happen.



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